The Modern Day Gym Bag — Max Phelan’s FitWallet

  • Max Phelan is revolutionizing how people carry their daily essentials while at the gym, hiking, or simply running errands. The problem we see now is that individuals are running out of pocket space for all of their belongings. Unless you have a purse or gym bag with you, you generally have nowhere to put your keys, phone, water, chapstick, wallet, headphones and all your other daily necessities. Carrying all of this in your pocket or bag will ultimately weigh you down, and throwing everything on the ground while exercising is just not a safe or sanitary method. So Max Phelan designed a solution — The FitWallet is a patented solution for carrying your daily essentials via your sustainable water bottle!

    How the FitWallet Came to Be

    One day at the gym, Max Phelan noticed an older gym goer who had attached their smartphone to the side of his Hydroflask using what appeared to be a hair tie or rubber band. This individual was walking from machine to machine without bulky pockets and didn’t have to throw his phone on the ground before exercising. As a serial entrepreneur and product developer, Max immediately thought, what a great idea; I am always leaving my phone everywhere at the gym! So he jumped off the treadmill and ran home to start his research, had someone already beaten him to the punch? After discovering that practically nothing of the sort had existed in the market, he started drawing.

    His design idea started by reverse engineering a typical workout armband; he added a layer of slip-proof neoprene in order to fit and stay on a sustainable water bottle as opposed to an arm. “The FitWallet is the first product that encompasses the four pillars that everyone needs every single day in one tidy product,” said Phelan. He went on to say, “it allows you to really organize your active lifestyle. Everyone needs water for hydration, keys for transportation and home entry, cash or Credit Cards for purchasing power and of course everyone’s communication device, their phone. The FitWallet was designed to hold these key daily essentials in one safe place, right next to your water bottle.”

    Max explained that he brought the FitWallet to market because “I don’t like carrying a gym bag. I don’t like using a locker. I don’t like leaving my stuff on the ground. And when I used to leave the gym, I’d realize I left my phone under the bench 100 meters away back inside, I’ve always wanted a solution for that, in particular for use while exercising.”

    How the FitWallet Optimizes and Organizes Your Active Lifestyle

    The FitWallet is a universal water bottle strap designed to be wrapped around your sustainable water bottle. It contains a stretchy silicone holder for your phone, a hidden pocket for your cash or credit card, a carabiner for your keys, and a mesh pocket for your earbuds, hand sanitizer, or any other small accessory.

    In addition, the cell phone slot can be turned 360 degrees and twisted and removed quickly for answering a phone or sending a text; also perfect for catching up on your favorite podcast or filming reps. And it can accommodate any size cell phone and fits water bottles from 18 to 100 ounces. 

    But really, the FitWallet can go anywhere, planes, trains, gyms or even your local dive bar, wherever you take your water bottle. It keeps your pockets free year-round and also serves as a great way to watch or create videos from your phone. Whether you are a content creator, simply filming workouts, or setting your kids up to watch a movie while out at a restaurant, the FitWallet does it all.

    About The Company

    FitWallet has been on the market for less than two years and already has over 500 Amazon reviews with a 4.4-star rating. This unique storage device is unlike any other product on the market and it actually works.

    Max’s passion doesn’t stop there; he brings extra FitWallets with him to share. He commented that “every single day at the gym, I see people with all of their belongings stacked on top of each other like a balancing act. So I’ll give them a FitWallet, and they tell me I made their day.”

    The FitWallet is comprehensive and efficient. Its patented design allows you to easily attach and detach your phone from the water bottle strap, access your keys and cash, and clip and unclip your keys in no time. 

    Innovation and entrepreneurship stem from the same basic principle; solving a need. For those of us who stumble and fumble around with our wallet, keys and phone, the FitWallet makes daily activities easier.

    Where to Find Your FitWallet

    This ingenious yet simple product has experienced great success in its early stages. Eventually, you will see Max Phelan’s FitWallet on the shelves of every gym and major retailer across the country. So if you are interested in owning one, two, three or more FitWallets, head on over to the FitWallet website today! You can also find them on Instagram.

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